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  • Episode 22 – Post-growth, Post-Covid? (AfterCorona #5)

    Episode 22 – Post-growth, Post-Covid? (AfterCorona #5)

    In the episode we speak to Viola Schulze Dieckhoff (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany) and Christian Lamker (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) about the paradigm of post-growth and its relation to cities. In particular we discussed the roots of this concept and movement in academia and beyond, what it means in terms of planning, living…

  • Episode 21 – Blaming Density (AfterCorona #4)

    Episode 21 – Blaming Density (AfterCorona #4)

    Is density really the key variable to explain the dynamics of the pandemic? Colin McFarlane takes a critical look at accounts that blame urban density for the drama that is unfolding in many cities. McFarlane discusses how racalized divisions are exacerbated in this situation and how new inequalities are produced. Considering Arundhati Roy’s metaphor of…

  • Episode 20 – Urban Logics of Action (AfterCorona #3)

    Episode 20 – Urban Logics of Action (AfterCorona #3)

    Drawing on insights from her latest book “Global Urban Politics”, Julie-Anne Boudreau puts the current response to the coronavirus in Mexico City and Montreal in a larger frame of understanding. She elaborates on the difference between urban and state logics of action and its importance to grasping the divergent situations. As a point of hope,…

  • Episode 19 – Inequalities of the Lockdown (AfterCorona #2)

    Episode 19 – Inequalities of the Lockdown (AfterCorona #2)

    Drawing on her understanding of community as an urban practice and her recent research on social and educational inequalities in Berlin, Talja Blokland underlines how the lockdown exacerbates inequalities in view of labor, education, and social capital. She presents her argument why digital media cannot replace the vital functions that social interactions in physical space…

  • Episode 18 – The New Municipalism (part 2)

    Episode 18 – The New Municipalism (part 2)

    In the second part of the New Municipalism series, Ross talks to Barcelona-based scholar-activist Laura Roth. She talks about the Spanish experience, particularly in relation to Barcelona en Comú, the movement party, which has been in minority government since 2014. Laura talked about a range of issues, including the importance of feminism to new municipalism,…

  • Episode 17 – Digital Community Organizing (AfterCorona #1)

    Episode 17 – Digital Community Organizing (AfterCorona #1)

    In a moment of self-isolation and physical distancing, digital media promises ongoing civic deliberation and community organizing. Nathan Schneider helps us explore the role of social media for mutual aid and peer production in times of corona. He elaborates on the key decision we face between subscribing to corporate platforms and digital cooperatives that are…

  • Episode 16 – The Urbanization of COVID-19

    Episode 16 – The Urbanization of COVID-19

    Three prominent urban researchers with a focus on infectious diseases explain why political responses to the current coronavirus outbreak require an understanding of urban dynamics. Looking back at the last coronavirus pandemic, the SARS outbreak in 2002/3, they highlight what affected cities have learned from that experience for handling the ongoing crisis. Exploring the political…

  • Episode 12 – Editorial Talk

    Episode 12 – Editorial Talk

    Having successfully completed its initial test-phase, our podcast steps into higher gear. A good time for us to reflect on our experience so far and to plan for the next couple of months. Join us in our 15 mins editorial talk!

  • Episode 11 – Oh, What Do You Do To Me? the City says to Tinder

    Episode 11 – Oh, What Do You Do To Me? the City says to Tinder

    Looking for Love? Over the past decade, the market for online dating has been booming. And this did not leave the offline city unaffected. Listen to Sam Miles’ sharp account on what online dating is all about and what it has to do with the urban. Far from being an innocent tool of the lonely…

  • Episode 6 – Reviewing Suburban Planet

    Episode 6 – Reviewing Suburban Planet

    Roger Keil’s new book, ‘Suburban Planet’, is a major contribution to (re)thinking the urban age in terms its peripheries rather than its centres. He seeks to provide us with a way of coming to terms with the process of suburbanization and the diversity of suburban forms. But does he succeed? And what are the political…

  • Episode 5 – Take Your Eyes Off the City Center!

    Episode 5 – Take Your Eyes Off the City Center!

    We are living on a suburban planet, if you ask Roger. He even wrote a book with that title. In the interview, he elaborates on the political implications of that condition. Situating his work on global suburbanisms in relation to the L.A. School and the debate around planetary urbanization, he flexes his intellectual muscles to…